Grace Lopez-Aliaga

Mrs. Lopez-Aliaga & daughter
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Voicemail: 303-982-6034

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The best way to get in contact with me is certainly through email. Nonetheless, if you'd like to see me, Period 2 or Period 5 are the best time to connect with me in person. Specific times may vary due to our Jefferson Jr./Sr. High Bell Schedule for Regular Non-WIN weeks as well as WIN week schedules.  (See Bell Schedule PDF for more information.)

Office & Classroom Location:
Temp #1

Class Schedule for Spring 2018 

Period 1 - Advanced Placement Spanish Literature
Period 2 - Planning
Period 3 - Survey of Humanities in Spanish
Period 4- Spanish Language Arts 9
Period 5 - Planning
Period 6 - Advanced Placement Spanish Language
Period 7 - Advanced Placement Spanish Language